Term Abroad (Extended): Week 13

Hi chums!

I've just finished week 2 of my extended term abroad in Spain and now I am halfway through the summer course!


This week has been super hot, so most days I have gone to the gym in the evenings or I've just gone to chill out by the outdoor pool there. Other than that, not much happened this week!


I'm now doing writing classes (as well as grammar and oral) which I didn't do the three previous months because I was doing History of Art instead, and I'm really loving them. I've had to write various emails in Spanish over the last few years and I honestly feel like I'm always writing the wrong thing.

At school and uni you learn to write essays and letters to friends, but you don't seem to learn how to write common emails like applying for jobs/asking for information. Although I could come up with something it wouldn't have sounded as fluent as how I would write something now so thank goodness for writing classes. (Also way less stressful than oral classes lol)


This weekend I got to go back to Salamanca, a city a couple of hours west of Madrid, which I haven't visited since October 2015. I did a couple of language courses in Salamanca and absolutely fell in love with it! All the buildings are a kind of golden stone and the Plaza Mayor is my favourite.

I went there on a uni-organised trip on Sunday and we had about 8/9 hours to look around and chill. It also happened to be the day of the World Cup Final so in the afternoon all the bars were filled with people and the Plaza Mayor was so busy. 

It was such a good day and I'm so glad I got to go back after so long.

*     *     *

I'm really looking forward to next week because I have another trip planned for the weekend and then after that it will be my last week. :(

Love as always,


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