Term Abroad (Extended): Week 15

Hi chums!

I have just finished my final week studying in León and am now at home in the good ol' UK.


Not much happened this week apart from getting ready to go home. I was really sad to leave León but I am happy to be home and spend some time with my fam!


So this week I unfortunately had to do a presentation as an assessment for my oral classes. We each had to do a presentation about an autonomous region of Spain, so I chose Catalonia, and luckily it wasn't too horrific!


On Wednesday we set off to Gordoncillo to see the vineyards and to do a wine tasting (I don't drink so I just watched and chilled). It was really interesting to see how wine is made and to walk through the vineyard.

After that we went to a small town nearby and visited a bullring and had some dinner. It was a really cute trip to round off all my travelling and sightseeing whilst I've been in Spain.

*     *     *

This will be my last weekly term abroad post. I have had the most amazing time and have loved being in León. 

Love as always,


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