Nighttime Markets in Marrakech

Hi chums!

I spent two out of four nights of my stay in Morocco in Marrakech. I was so excited to experience this city, especially after reading a tonne of info and blog posts about it before going!

On the first night we arrived at our hotel super late, at around 12:30pm. Surprisingly, the city was still very lively so we went to take out some Moroccan money (Dirhams) as we were leaving the city early the next morning to start the very long journey to the Sahara desert.

As well as getting out some currency, we also walked through a street filled with people selling things. I personally found this quite stressful so I was glad to get into the square at the end of the street where there was more open space.

After grabbing a bite to eat we headed back to the hotel and went to bed around 2:30am. This turned out to be a fantastic idea because we managed to get a hearty 4 hours sleep before getting up at 6:30am to start the day.

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We also spent our final evening in Marrakech, after driving 9 hours back from the Sahara desert. I was super excited to get to spend some more time in Morocco's capital city - and at a more normal time too!

We got to Marrakech around 6/7ish and after quickly dropping our stuff off in the hotel, we rushed to Jamaa el-Fna which was only 5 minutes walk. The square is huge and a large part of it is covered by food places. Some of the food vendors were really aggressive when they tried to get us to eat there which put me on edge. I also was a bit uncomfortable at the things creepy men would shout. It was completely harmless and I had been warned about this before I went, but I still hated it!

Other than the agressive/creepy people, Marrakech is a really fun place to be. The markets are so busy and crowded. The shops are filled with everything under the sun.

All in all, I am so glad I got to see Marrakech, but because some of the vendors made the experience a bit uncomfortable, I decided that I definitely prefer more rural Morocco. Having said that, I would go back and am so glad I have experienced a city which is so culturally different to everywhere I have visited before!

I have soooooo many pictures from Morocco and so many more stories to tell, so more blog posts will be up very soon!

Love as always,


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