Term Abroad: Week 7

Hi chums!

This week has been the first week in a while where I've gone to school for all 5 days of the week (lol). There have been so many bank holidays recently and then last week I took Monday off as I was in Madrid with my sister, so this week has been a long one but another good one.


This week has had such weird weather, from thunder storms to warm sunny days. I have been to the park, been on several runs and have been shopping.

One of the best days though was Saturday, aka. the Royal Wedding. I love anything royal and I was so glad that I was able to watch it here!


Nothing much to report language-wise in terms of speaking, but one thing I did notice was that my listening has improved. We watched a movie in class (education at its best) and I actually understood way more than I would have a year ago. Having said that I didn't understand everything but yay for some prooogress!


I am travelling to somewhere very exciting this weekend (writing this on Saturday afternoon), but am going to include it in my blog post next week because I will be there until Wednesday. I am headed to the airport for an evening flight so stay tuned!

*     *     *

That is all from this week! Not much happened but next week will definitely action-packed.

Love as always


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