Valencia: Science and Oceanographic Museums

Hi chums!

On my last magical day in Valencia, I went to the Oceanographic museum, which was recommended to me by my au pair family. I absolutely loved it and ended up spending about 5 hours there!

Firstly, the pictures below aren't of the Oceanographic museum, but these buildings are way too cool not to include in the blog post, so I put them in anyway! It is the Art and Science museum and I would love to visit when I go back to Valencia in the future.

So, when I arrived at the Oceanographic Museum I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was excited!

The museum is both indoors and outdoors and there is so much to see. I stayed well away from the bird area (due to my deathly fear of anything with wings and beaks - ornithophobia anyone???).

My favourite part was the walk through aquariums. It kind of reminded me of Marcus Pfister's book The Rainbow Fish I read in primary school - this book is such a legend so if you don't know it click here and get ready to be enlightened!

The last thing I saw was the dolphin show. I'm never sure whether I like shows like this or not because of all the animal cruelty issues, but I went anyway and took a couple of snaps.

That's all from my trip to Valencia! Honestly, this city is not talked about enough - it is so pretty and there is so much to do so I would 100% recommend!

Love as always,


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