Weekend Trip to Valencia

Hi chums!

Last weekend I went to Valencia. I was there for 3 and 4 nights, but I could have spent a lot longer there because I loved it!

On the first day I was there it was super sunny, so I grabbed a bike from one of the Valenbisi stands (like Boris bikes in London) and headed to the beach.

I decided to life my best life and grab a coffee as soon as I got there and I spent a while reading my kindle and chilling (would recommend).

The beach I went to was called Malvarrosa and it was so busy when I went. There were people sunbathing, playing volleyball, and even some people who were brave enough to enter the sea. 

As it was heading into the afternoon I started to cycle past a load of restaurants serving paella and I was like ahhh that looks amazing! So... I quickly became one of them! And yes, it was amazing!!

Day 2 consisted of me wandering round the town and taking hundreds of photos.

As it was Sunday, there was an outdoor market, selling books, clothes, food, etc. Although I didn't buy anything I loved the atmosphere so I was there for a while.

I visited Valencia cathedral, which I though was in a really random place - it was tucked into the corner of a square. The building was so impressive though, and when I went inside a Sunday service was going on so I had a quick look and then quietly slipped out!

One of my favourite parts of Valencia is the Turia gardens, which is an old riverbed (the Turia river was diverted after severe flooding in the 1960s - according to Wikipedia lol). Now it's filled with parks, sports pitches, and some really cool museums/buildings. I could literally spend all day here, it's insanely pretty!

So, that's all for now! Another Valencia post is coming with all my pictures from the Oceanographic museum because I took so many!

Love as always,


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