Term Abroad: Week 6

Hi chums!

This week started off in Madrid, the end of my weekend trip with my sister, and finished with a chilled (and chilly) weekend in León. Although I didn't do much travelling this week, it ended up being super busy anyway.


This Monday happened to be the Met Gala in New York, which meant Tuesday was one of my favourite social media days of the year! I love looking through all the outfits and celeb pics - Blake Lively though!!

On Wednesday we had a tour of a church and then went to the Modern Art Museum. I absolutely loved the church but the art museum wasn't really my cup of tea.

Saturday was another event - Eurovision. Now, I'm not usually a big fan of Eurovision because it goes on forever and it's not that great to be honest, but for some reason everyone at uni was so excited about it, so it ended up being a fun night! I ordered pizza with my flatmate and spent the night chilling, chatting and messaging my flatmates in Leeds which was so nice!


This week was nothing special language-wise. Day to day life situations are so much easier now and I feel a lot more comfortable.


As I said, I didn't travel much this week, other than the trip from Madrid back to León on Monday. However... I did book a super exciting trip for next weekend and I can't wait! So stay tuned :)

*      *      *

I am over half way through my time in León and now the weather is getting warmer and I have some exciting trips booked, I can't wait for this second half!

Love as always,


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