Term Abroad: Week 8

Hi chums!

Week 8 was possibly one of the best weeks of the whole term abroad for a couple of reasons. The first is that I got to visit the amazing country of Morocco with some new friends, and the second is that one of my uni friends came to visit me here in Leon!

This week has been insanely hectic and as I am writing this I can feel my eyes starting to close!


This week I only went to school 2 days because I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Morocco (oops).

On Thursday by friend arrived in Leon to spend 5 days. Unfortunately the weather was so bad and in rained pretty much the whole time except Sunday morning. It was still so nice to see her and I'm hoping that she had as good a time as I did! :)


In terms of language, this week has been a pretty good one - but not the Spanish language!

In Morocco we did an organised tour, which meant that we some other lovely traveller, including two Italians. I spent the first couple of days trying to decide whether to speak to them or to tell them that I study Italian because that would be the least Emma thing to do ever. HOWEVER, I am here to report that I did indeed venture to speak to them. The Sahara really changes you.

For some reason while sitting in camp in the Sahara, I just had a verbal spasm and blurted out that I study Italian. I am always super careful to say that I only speak a little teeny weeny teeny tiny bit of Italian but I was so lucky because this Italian couple were so so nice and patient. So I made some friends!!

In terms of Spanish, the tour we took was called Viaje en Marruecos, so all the guides spoke to us in Spanish which was super fun - and it kind of made me feel less bad about leaving Spain during my Spanish term abroad.

Also, on another note, I could not believe how many language every single person in Morocco can speak. It's honestly insane. Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Berber...?!?!?! I mean I am slightly confused as to what the main language is because the signs seemed to change language a lot as we travelled around the country. Either way, I am so impressed at all these people - they 100% need medals.


Ummm... did I mention that I went to Morocco????

This was honestly the most amazing trip and I am going to do some more detailed posts with more pictures, but I will do a rough overview.

We went from Marrakech all the way to the Sahara desert where we stayed for a night. We stopped at several Berber villages on the way and also a UNESCO heritage sight, which was so amazing! On the second to last day we drove back to Marrakech, where we spent our final evening before flying back to Spain.

I am so grateful I got to go on this insane trip and can't believe I only booked it 8 days before. Madness.

Another fun thing I did this week was to go to la Cueva de Valporquero on Saturday. It was so big and pretty inside and something super random and unusual to do. This trip was organised by the university and although the weather sucked, it didn't matter when you were underground!

*     *     *

I wish I could relive this week because it was so crazy. I now have only 3 weeks left of school and a lot of travelling planned so stayed tuned.

Love as always


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